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The Best Vacuum Cleaners I’ve Tried

Vacuuming: No Need to Fear
There’s no way around it: Vacuuming is a chore. Most people (myself included) don’t wake up in the morning dreaming about lugging a machine around the house to pick up after kids and pets. That being said, vacuuming does not need to be unbearable. With the right vacuum, cleaning can be faster and easier, giving you more time for yourself.
Vacuums come in a wide variety of types, with different functions for different purposes. Some are better for carpets, some for crevices, and some for picking up the inexplicable amount of dog hair on the floor. Different vacuum types include:
– Upright: the classic and popular vacuum that is great for carpets and flat floors

– Canister: more mobile, with a long hose. Great for vacuuming stairs

– Handheld: smaller and lightweight, great for getting into small corners

– Robotic: amazing technology that can clean on its own (if working properly)
I’ve used all of these at one point or another in my life, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. In general, a good vacuum should have strong, consistent suction, good maneuverability, and it shouldn’t be too messy to clean. Here are my 5 favorite vacuums:


5) iRobot Roomba 880

The Roomba is the most famous robotic vacuum brand, and for good reason. I love this vacuum for its convenience and suction, but it does come with a high price tag.




The best thing about this vacuum is convenience. You can set a weekly cleaning schedule, and it will vacuum multiple rooms in one session. It comes with “lighthouse beacons” which basically set up invisible barriers that the Roomba can’t cross. Obviously, I also love not having to move heavy furniture to vacuum underneath. Seeing the little machine slide under the couch always brings a smile to my face.


You may worry about the technology, but the Roomba 880 is actually very easy to set up. It only takes a few minutes after charging to get it ready.


It has excellent power, and can pick up a wide variety of materials (my floors are generally a tableau of pet hair, crumbs, and dust). It comes with a HEPA filter to make sure allergens stay out of the air.




This vacuum does not come cheap. If you have an extra $600 lying around, it is a great choice. Otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere.


It also does not do well in corners (it is circular), so you’ll need a handheld or stick vacuum to tidy up the leftovers.


4) Black and Decker CHV1410L


Speaking of handheld vacuums, this one from Black and Decker has definitely made my life easier. As long as you don’t expect a handheld to do the job of an upright, you’ll love it too.




This handheld unit is incredible quality given its low price (sub-$50). It works perfectly for spot cleaning the corners that the Roomba cannot get to, or any crevice that you find needs dusting. It has more than enough suction for this type of cleaning.


One of the most important things about handhelds is weight. This vacuum is very lightweight at around 3 pounds, which means your arms won’t be burning after an afternoon of cleaning. Its brush is also built-in, so there are no small parts to lose.


I love this vacuum because it is small, effective, and practical. I use it after the heavy duty vacuuming to touch up missed spots, and it’s great for dusting.




The nozzle is fairly small, so it won’t be able to pick up anything large. The battery life is solid but nothing to write home about. Really, as long as you don’t expect it to do the job of a floor vacuum, there aren’t many complaints.


3) Dyson Ball Multi Floor


The Dyson brand has a reputation for useful technology, and this vacuum lives up to that promise. It is fairly priced, though it may be outside of some people’s budgets. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s usually included on a lot of people’s list of the best rated vacuum cleaners.




The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Dyson is probably the ball technology. I have to say, it really is effective. Getting around furniture was no problem with the Dyson, which definitely speeds up the time I spent cleaning.


It also switches between rooms very easily, as there is a button to turn the brush on or off. The brush is very effective at picking up pet hair.




Fans of Dyson vacuums will love everything about this unit. For first-time Dyson users, you may be surprised that the vacuum doesn’t feel solid. The quality is good, but sometimes removing the dust bin takes a bit of wiggling.


Although pet hair is easily picked up even from carpet, I had a little difficulty cleaning the brush afterwards. This would only be a problem for people with a large amount of pet hair lying around, of course.


2) Electrolux Brushroll Clean


This is a well-rounded vacuum that pet owners will adore. It is also the most inexpensive upright on this list.




The first thing I noticed when using this vacuum is the sturdy feel. It may be slightly heavier than some other vacuums, but you can tell it is designed with reliability in mind. Removing the dust bin is easy and clean.


The best thing about this vacuum is its self-cleaning brush roll. It picks up pet hair easily and effectively, and pulls any hair left on the brush into the bin at the push of a button. This is a huge time saver for pet owners.




It is fairly heavy to move around, especially if you need to clean multiple rooms. It is also not the most mobile vacuum. It takes some work to get around furniture, which can slow down the cleaning process.


1) Shark Rotator Pro Life Away


This unit has great value for its modest price, and is easily the most versatile vacuum on this list.




The versatility of this vacuum makes it perfect for a complete cleaning experience. It can be used as an upright vacuum (which also makes it easy to store) or the canister can be removed, making the vacuum much more portable. It even comes with an optional caddy for the canister.


It uses the same type of cyclonic technology that Dyson is famous for, making sure to collect fine dust. The suction strength can also be changed to suit the task at hand. It also has excellent maneuverability.


Most floor space can be tackled with the vacuum as an upright, and the canister can be removed with cleaning the stairs. It also comes with a handy wand and crevice tool for tougher areas.




It may not have as much in terms of pure suction power as the Electrolux, but other than that, I have no complaints with this vacuum.


Which vacuum suits you best really depends on your needs and preference. Before researching on the top cleaning tips, you should first find out which vacuum brand, model, and type will work well for your needs. The versatility and mobility of the Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away have left me satisfied after every vacuuming, so it sits atop my list. If you’d like more options, visit http://bestvacuumcleaner.reviews/bare-hardwood-floors-and-carpet.

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Top Things I Hate About Politics

  1. It seems the politicians in the United States have stopped asking basic questions about government programs. They do not ask if the program works and if it benefits the people. They also stopped asking if this program is worth paying for. People do not want to pay for services that they do not want or they do not need.


  1. Activist groups spend more time raising money than being active. This money is supposed to be used for activism and not to give group members a posh lifestyle.


  1. Politicians spend a lot of time on political trivia. There are other important issues such as immigration, the economy, and the national budget. The Senate seems to spend too much time debating trivial issues such as if the sports team the Redskins offends anyone.


  1. Direct mailing fundraising will put more money into the pockets of the candidates than the cost. Up to ninety cents from every dollar goes for salary instead of supporting the cause.


  1. Politicians have people convinced they are hating each other based on their gender, race, religion, and sex. In many countries this behavior leads to death and wars. It is almost like they are expecting that to happen here as well.


  1. Media is run by liberals that spend a large amount of time stating they are unbiased sources. Michael Moore is more respectable than the New York Time. While they have the same view on may issues at least Moores does not claim that he is unbiased.


  1. Republicans talk about how important the minority vote is yet they do not speak to black or Hispanic voters.


  1. It seems in the United States people are offended by just about everything. People need to get over thing and try treating others with respect for a change. The Declaration of Independence states that every person has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People do not have the right to walk around and not see anything that will offend them.


  1. The media spends more time talking about the motives of political figures than the ideas that they are probing and the actions they are planning to take.


  1. At one point in time politicians are expected to be morally better than the average person. Now they are expected to have fewer morals that the average person.


  1. The media portrays David Frum. David Brooks, and Meghan McCain as speaking for the conservatives. Instead of this they should speak to some politicians that are conservative and do not tell the liberals the things that they want to hear.

12. Throughout history politicians have lied and it was not acceptable that they are lying. They used to be consequences for politicians that were caught lying in public. The people in the United States are lied to on a daily basis and do not pay any attention to it. That is not the way that the government is supposed to work and our leaders should be honest.

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Shocking Secrets of Reality Show Producers

Craft plot lines can be twisting footage that leads to shaping a story without the use of scripts. Capturing all the angles of contestants is a must.


We Are Inexpensive


Gathering much talent as possible while spending less is important. There are only ninety percent of people on reality TV that has their expenses covered. Some have stipends as much as thirty bucks, and that is all. The more talent that is gained, the more chances of producing the best show for TV viewers.


Masters of Manipulation


Taking different clips, but editing them together can save time and make one complete conversation, sometimes changing the whole meaning. These are the experts at creating complete sentences from scratch. We use all kinds of tips and tricks to make things work best.


A Powerful Competition

In many competition shows there are clauses in the contract. The judges have their picks, but it is the producers that have the real say. Viewers believe it is all in the hands of the judges, but the fact is, it is all in the hands of the producers.


Little Lies


This company has professional crew that works on a show for two weeks, but can make it look like it is only 24 hours long. We don’t mind telling little lies if they are good and make our shows work for viewers.


Flawed People Are the Best


When applying to be on a reality show, it is much better to have a few flaws than to appear flawless. Producers love to hear you tell the truth about weaknesses, even if you are scared to. If you have a flaw, feel good about it because you have a higher chance of being chosen.


Celebrities Scheme


With all-star versions, the players are mostly on the phone with each other before making the real deals. Shady stars always break their alliances before the game begins. This is interesting stuff. We make everyone feel as they are a celebrity.


Past and Personal Life History


Complete extensive background checks are done on all prospective stars applying for big shows. Friends and family members are contacted, drug tests are conducted, there are endless interviews along with physical and psychological examinations.


Not All Reality Shows Are Real


Not all reality shows are equal because some are very heavily staged to look real. Some producers are experts at faking scenarios. this is a good way of adding drama.

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