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Shocking Secrets of Reality Show Producers

Craft plot lines can be twisting footage that leads to shaping a story without the use of scripts. Capturing all the angles of contestants is a must.


We Are Inexpensive


Gathering much talent as possible while spending less is important. There are only ninety percent of people on reality TV that has their expenses covered. Some have stipends as much as thirty bucks, and that is all. The more talent that is gained, the more chances of producing the best show for TV viewers.


Masters of Manipulation


Taking different clips, but editing them together can save time and make one complete conversation, sometimes changing the whole meaning. These are the experts at creating complete sentences from scratch. We use all kinds of tips and tricks to make things work best.


A Powerful Competition

In many competition shows there are clauses in the contract. The judges have their picks, but it is the producers that have the real say. Viewers believe it is all in the hands of the judges, but the fact is, it is all in the hands of the producers.


Little Lies


This company has professional crew that works on a show for two weeks, but can make it look like it is only 24 hours long. We don’t mind telling little lies if they are good and make our shows work for viewers.


Flawed People Are the Best


When applying to be on a reality show, it is much better to have a few flaws than to appear flawless. Producers love to hear you tell the truth about weaknesses, even if you are scared to. If you have a flaw, feel good about it because you have a higher chance of being chosen.


Celebrities Scheme


With all-star versions, the players are mostly on the phone with each other before making the real deals. Shady stars always break their alliances before the game begins. This is interesting stuff. We make everyone feel as they are a celebrity.


Past and Personal Life History


Complete extensive background checks are done on all prospective stars applying for big shows. Friends and family members are contacted, drug tests are conducted, there are endless interviews along with physical and psychological examinations.


Not All Reality Shows Are Real


Not all reality shows are equal because some are very heavily staged to look real. Some producers are experts at faking scenarios. this is a good way of adding drama.

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