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Top Things I Hate About Politics

  1. It seems the politicians in the United States have stopped asking basic questions about government programs. They do not ask if the program works and if it benefits the people. They also stopped asking if this program is worth paying for. People do not want to pay for services that they do not want or they do not need.


  1. Activist groups spend more time raising money than being active. This money is supposed to be used for activism and not to give group members a posh lifestyle.


  1. Politicians spend a lot of time on political trivia. There are other important issues such as immigration, the economy, and the national budget. The Senate seems to spend too much time debating trivial issues such as if the sports team the Redskins offends anyone.


  1. Direct mailing fundraising will put more money into the pockets of the candidates than the cost. Up to ninety cents from every dollar goes for salary instead of supporting the cause.


  1. Politicians have people convinced they are hating each other based on their gender, race, religion, and sex. In many countries this behavior leads to death and wars. It is almost like they are expecting that to happen here as well.


  1. Media is run by liberals that spend a large amount of time stating they are unbiased sources. Michael Moore is more respectable than the New York Time. While they have the same view on may issues at least Moores does not claim that he is unbiased.


  1. Republicans talk about how important the minority vote is yet they do not speak to black or Hispanic voters.


  1. It seems in the United States people are offended by just about everything. People need to get over thing and try treating others with respect for a change. The Declaration of Independence states that every person has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People do not have the right to walk around and not see anything that will offend them.


  1. The media spends more time talking about the motives of political figures than the ideas that they are probing and the actions they are planning to take.


  1. At one point in time politicians are expected to be morally better than the average person. Now they are expected to have fewer morals that the average person.


  1. The media portrays David Frum. David Brooks, and Meghan McCain as speaking for the conservatives. Instead of this they should speak to some politicians that are conservative and do not tell the liberals the things that they want to hear.

12. Throughout history politicians have lied and it was not acceptable that they are lying. They used to be consequences for politicians that were caught lying in public. The people in the United States are lied to on a daily basis and do not pay any attention to it. That is not the way that the government is supposed to work and our leaders should be honest.

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